“2 weeks in Lagos” is refreshing

by Vive Akugha

The cast of “2 Weeks in Lagos”

Picture from Netflix.com

“2 weeks in Lagos” is a Nollywood movie written and directed by Kathryn Fasegha, a Nigerian-Canadian film producer based in Calgary. It premiered on Netflix on 16 July 2021.

The movie deals with several things including love, relationships and politics but focuses on Christianity with a closeness to God. The movie is positive and encourages those who watch it to be positively driven as well.

We follow the life of Ejikeme (played by Mawuli Gavor), an investment banker that returns to Lagos, Nigeria, with his friend, Charlie (played by Okey Uzoechi) to attend meetings as partners in a business venture.

He is smitten by Charlie’s sister and event planner, Lola (played by Beverly Naya) at Charlie’s family home. The complexities and oddities intertwined in their blooming relationship is made known during their journey.

Both characters are God-loving and faithful individuals that confide in Him every step of their way. Although it was love at first sight, both prayed about it before moving forward with their new relationship.

They started dating while his parents: Hon. and Mrs Chukwuemeka (played by Patrick Nnamdi & Joke Silva), had a totally different plan for their son. Unknown to Ejikeme, his father, an ambitious politician, had made a deal with Presidential candidate, Otunba Ayodeji (played by Bambo Adebowale) that Ejike would marry Otunba’s daughter, Wande (played by Cassandra Nwadiuto/Uto Rosman), in exchange for his selection as Otumba’s Vice Presidential running mate in an upcoming national election. Ejikeme’s repeated rejection of his father’s plans seem to land on deaf ears, with his father relentlessly pushing forward his own wedding plans for his only son.

The blossoming romance between Ejikeme and Lola in the face of conflicting plans from Ejikeme’s parents, forms the essence of this entertaining movie. Will their love survive in this emotionally overcharged family conflict? Will their faith in God’s be enough to see them through this crisis? With this movie, Producer Kathryn Fasegha has demonstrated yet another aspect of her diverse creative talents, and continues to be a welcome addition to the fast growing Nigeria’s film industry, popularly known as Nollywood.

Vive Akugha is a student in the Bachelor of Arts degree program at the University of Ottawa, majoring in Communications. She writes on social issues, well-being and out of curiosity. Her major platform for writing is on Medium.com as @veevehhswritings. As a follower on there, you can sign up for her email list to be up-to-date on her posts. She is @Veevehhwrites on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to share your opinions with her as she is with you.

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