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St. Lucia Ottawa Association Executive Committee

St. Lucia-Ottawa Association Executive Committee

by Toni Francis


“To promote, support and facilitate the attainment of goals and objectives of St. Lucians, their descendants and friends of St. Lucia in the National Capital Region.”


  • To unite fraternally and to promote the mutual interests of its members.
  • To promote and perpetuate the spirit of unity and harmony among all Saint Lucians residing in Ottawa
  • To provide a forum for the discussion and resolution of problems peculiar to the members of the SLOA in particular, and the Saint Lucian Community in general and for utilization of resources and the implementation of policies directed to the resolution of these problems.
  • Provide or organize cultural, educational, and social activities for the benefit of the members of the Association in particular and the St. Lucian Community in general.
  • To provide moral, material, and financial support primarily to St. Lucians in Ottawa and to other St. Lucian citizens wherever and whenever required and practical irrespective of their residence or domicile.
  • To encourage, and wherever possible, facilitate St. Lucians to pursue academic and vocational training or courses of study in Canada, St. Lucia and/or wherever such courses are available and affordable.
  • To work with other associations, organizations, government departments, agencies and community based groups through dialogue, networking and sharing or securing of resources on matters of cultural, educational, social and economic development either for mutual benefit or to advance the needs of SLOA members and/or the citizens of Saint Lucia.

Eligibility for membership

All St. Lucians residing in the Ottawa region and their families are eligible for membership with the SLOA.  We welcome new members and encourage exiting members to ensure they have renewed their membership and paid their annual dues.   Members will enjoy benefits and savings when they attend Association events.

Our 2016-2017 Strategic Plan

  1. Building Engagement & Pride
    • Participate/Volunteer in local community events (Run for Cure, Clean Parks, etc.)
    • Invest in St. Lucian youth to develop and provide opportunities to support academic excellence and success in Ottawa Community
    • Support our elderly, connect to community programs, support retirement planning, education and spend time with seniors
    • Increase SLOA membership
  2. Communication Excellence
    • We will deliver programs with reliability and efficiency
    • We will operate with full transparency and ensure timely involvement of our membership
    • Proactive and timely communication
    • Social Media presence (updated website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
    • Updated directory
  3. Collaborate with partner Caribbean Associations
    • We will drive an integrated program plan representing activities across the diaspora
    • Planning calendar to ensure optimum participation.

Like many organizations the SLOA faces challenges related to:

  • Youth engagement
  • Effective communication with varying demographics

We provided financial support to Seniors programs/organization in Saint Lucia in 2014.

We will continue with this important objective.

The Saint Lucia Ottawa Association (SLOA) Executive:

  • President: Toni Francis
  • Vice President: Adriana Eanga
  • Treasurer: Nathalie Peterkin-Campbell
  • Secretary: Alana Aimable-Brathwaite
  • Floor Member: Lebert Francis
  • Youth Committee Lead: Shari Gabriel
  • Public Relations Officer: Marshall Celestin
  • Assistant Public Relations Officer: Joseph Scatliffe
  • Entertainment Committee: Nathalie Peterkin-Campbell

Upcoming events

  • Jounen Kweyol 2016 – October 22, 2016
  • Volunteer Appreciation & Holiday Party – December 10, 2016
  • National Day Church Service – December 11, 2016
  • 38th Independence Gala – February 18, 2017

Contact info: phone, e-mail, web site



Phone: 613-218-7030

About the writer

Toni Francis is President, St.Lucia-Ottawa Association





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