Cotillion showcases future leaders

Black and beautiful: Protegees pose for a group pic Photo credit Debbie Miller


Annual Afro-Caribbean Cotillion brings out the best of Black youth

Saturday 6 April 2019

by Toni Francis

Sometimes you are blessed enough to be part of something extraordinary. Sometimes you witness one of the pivotal moments in someone’s life. Sometimes you are reminded that you are contributing to the positive in a unique way. Sometimes it’s as good as these pictures say and have yet to show us. Thank you community for supporting the 2019 Mentees, now Alumni, of the Afro-Caribbean Cotillion. 
An amazing Masquerade Ball!!
Thank you Debbie Miller for some of these photos.. they tell our story so very well.

The Afro-Caribbean Grand Cotillion Ball marks the end of the 4 month program. The real story and substance is in our weekly sessions where we work on building confidence, sharing experiences, life messages and lessons and ensure practical skills are fed and developed; framed in the value that understanding where you come from and the role your culture plays in your experience and how it can inform your success and the world around you. The results are there and speak for us.

Photo credit Debbie Miller dhm photography

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