David Majok: Dear little spirits

David Majok

Dear little spirits

In reverence I stand to validate that your souls were not discovered but existed in whole

Ripped from loving arms, hidden and condemned by the cruelty of humanity

From the grave your spirits spoke, not to one but all

From the grave you spoke the truth

In silence you proclaimed your presence

Validating the reality that your descendants so steadfastly proclaimed

Your spirits stood stronger than the ills of human cruelty  

Your culture, identity and melted souls stood against all odds, to tell the truth

You remained standing even in isolation and cruel death, your tormentors wanted to erase

Your spirits stood as a sacred memory and guiding light that you belonged

Even the hands of time could not wish away

Your names will shine and remain written in the hearts of your loved ones even when your tormentors wished it would vanish

In reverence, I remain indebted to your forgiveness

In search of a path to reconciliation!

David Majok         

June 3, 2021        

South Sudanese-born David Majok holds a BA (Honors) in Political Science with Concentration in International Relations and minor in Law from Carleton University, as well as a graduate Diploma in Social Services Work from Algonquin College. A community leader and advocate, he is a strong supporter of the Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan and the Maternal Health Network, working to bring peace to, and improve the lives of people in South Sudan. David also serves as a sessional lecturer with the Centre for Intercultural Learning.


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