Debbie Miller: Nature photo gallery around Ottawa-Gatineau

Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller

When not working or spending time with family, Debbie Miller can be found behind her lens taking photos. She is passionate about photography. Her love of photography flourished six years ago when given a professional camera for her birthday. Since then she has been sharing her talents with family, friends and the community and has had a an art exhibit to showcase her work. Debbie challenges herself to take a photo a day. This allows her to perfect her skill and to take the everyday object and turn it into something that everyone can appreciate.

Debbie says “ I want the viewer to look at one of my photos and imagine what is going on, or how someone maybe feeling”.   Debbie ultimate goal is to one day have one of her photos displayed in the Ottawa Airport. This photo would welcome visitors or residents to Ottawa and make them feel like they belong. When she is not taking pics, Debbie works to keep the streets of Ottawa safe in her day job as a police officer.

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