Dr. Helen Ofosu: About Reference Checks

reference checks are now easier because of technologyQ1: In 2015 you wrote a blog article that asked if reference checks were worthwhile. The short answer was a definite yes.  Is this still true 3 years later despite the growing reliance on online job applications and electronic/social networking?

A: In many respects, I believe that a reference from a previous employer is even more important and more relevant than ever because so much of the hiring process is online and impersonal.

With screening being done by software and face-to-face job interviews being replaced by video calls to expedite hiring in large organizations, employers are relying on online information from applicants more than ever before. In my opinion, this makes it more likely that important information is overlooked. This mostly digital approach can be problematic for multiple reasons.


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About the writer 

 Dr. Helen Ofosu was born and raised in the Toronto area but her roots are in Jamaica and Ghana. She offers Career Coaching and HR Consulting using her background in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (aka Business Psychology) as the foundation for her practice. She founded I/O Advisory Services in 2012 and is accessible by phone, email, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  She can be reached at 613-424-8689 or helen@ioadvisory.com. Web: www.ioadvisory.com.

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