Dr. Helen Ofosu: Are both men and women enabling workplace sexual harassment?

For many weeks now, we’ve seen a steady stream of articles describing how people, often women, have been mistreated in various workplaces by men … and how it has persisted for a long, long time. While I’ve seen that happen firsthand, I have also seen women mistreated by other women in businesses, government, and non-profit organizations. Whatever the context, workplace bullying exists when someone with more privilege and power harasses someone with less privilege and power.

It’s always been hard to watch. On two especially vivid occasions, when I was close enough to see exactly what was going on, I intervened when I saw women behaving badly at work. I explained what I had seen as a bystander with the hope and expectation that it would help to resolve the situation in a way that would create a better climate for the victim and help them to reclaim their dignity. In fairness, when I intervened, I did not believe that it put my livelihood at stake, but it was definitely uncomfortable and in both cases I paid a non-monetary price.

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