Dr. Helen Ofosu: Dealing with cannabis at work



cannabis and alcohol were both illegal in the pastThe legalization of cannabis on Wednesday 17 October, 2018, was a truly historic day in Canada. Many advocates had fought long and hard to decriminalize medicinal and recreational cannabis (also known as marijuana) in the country. Now with legalization, one outstanding issue that continues to raise concerns is how it can affect the workplace. Will this significantly alter an employee’s motivation, productivity, performance, concentration or their overall professionalism? Will vaping cannabis at lunch become the new cigarette break or replace the proverbial boozy lunch?

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Weeding out cannabis concerns in the workplace

About the writer 

 Dr. Helen Ofosu was born and raised in the Toronto area but her roots are in Jamaica and Ghana. She offers Career Coaching and HR Consulting using her background in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (aka Business Psychology) as the foundation for her practice. She founded I/O Advisory Services in 2012 and is accessible by phone, email, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  She can be reached at 613-424-8689 or helen@ioadvisory.com. Web: www.ioadvisory.com.

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