Dr. Helen Ofosu: Is your job safe?

technology is important but so are soft skillsWith industries and organizations increasingly relying onautomation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other forms of technology it’s important to ask yourself who is at risk of being replaced in the workplace? and how do I stay relevant in the era of AIThe short answer to this? Almost everyone. Although you may not believe that a professional from a prestigious university in a specialized field such as law or medicine is susceptible to becoming irrelevant or replaceable there are several precedents indicating it has already happened and shows no signs of stopping.


The future is here …

Here is one concrete example that shows that even some professionals are on their way to becoming irrelevant. What used to take 360,000 hours of work – each year – completed by loan officers and lawyers is now done by customized artificial intelligence (AI) software. Read this fascinating article for more details on how JP Morgan did this.

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Think your job’s immune from being replaced by technology … think again.

About the writer 

 Dr. Helen Ofosu was born and raised in the Toronto area but her roots are in Jamaica and Ghana. She offers Career Coaching and HR Consulting using her background in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (aka Business Psychology) as the foundation for her practice. She founded I/O Advisory Services in 2012 and is accessible by phone, email, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  She can be reached at 613-424-8689 or helen@ioadvisory.com. Web: www.ioadvisory.com.

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