Dr. Helen Ofosu: Working from home alone

Dr. Helen Ofosu

by Dr. Helen Ofosu

Today, we can do almost everything from the comforts of our home, from online shopping, therapy , advice and expertise,  studying, and finding a mate from dating sites. Even job hunting and interviews are quickly happening while sitting in front of a laptop instead of face-to-face interactions. Working from home is therefore no longer a surprise. It’s no longer only independent or freelance professionals either. Now large companies and governments are also recognizing that their employees don’t need to board a congested bus to sit in a cubicle for 8 hours when they can accomplish the exact same thing without leaving their home at all. And, with digital monitoring already establishing its presence in corporations, managers/supervisors can observe their workers’ productivity from anywhere.

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About the writer 

 Dr. Helen Ofosu was born and raised in the Toronto area but her roots are in Jamaica and Ghana. She offers Career Coaching and HR Consulting using her background in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (aka Business Psychology) as the foundation for her practice. She founded I/O Advisory Services in 2012 and is accessible by phone, email, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  She can be reached at 613-424-8689 or helen@ioadvisory.com. Web: www.ioadvisory.com.

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