Abdul-Aziz Garuba Jr: Wedding photo gallery

Abdul-Aziz Garuba Jnr

Abdul-Aziz Garuba Jnr

I am a lifestyle photographer, passionate about capturing precious moments and ensuring treasured memories last for a lifetime. Through the lens, I expose and highlight both inward and outward beauty, and portray the emotions of you and your loved ones whatever the occasion.

I focus on family milestone (birthdays, weddings, graduations etc.), event and portrait photography.

I was born and raised in Nigeria and moved to Ottawa, Canada as a teenager. I am now based in Toronto.

My fascination with photography began when my mother gave me my first camera, an Olympus Panorama 2 film camera, when I was a kid back in the mid 90s. I took photos of everyone and everything. I then upgraded to my first digital camera, a Fujifilm Finepix A330, in 2003. Life then happened and I took a hiatus from photography until a few years ago when I went travelling and decided to get a DSLR (Canon 100D) to document my trips. I haven’t put my camera down since then.

Now, I take pictures of people and places with a couple of Canons and would very much like to photograph you. If you would like me to do so, feel free to contact me via email: aziz@zizcophotography.com.

Abdul-Aziz Garuba Jnr


Here are some photos from the ceremony.

More pics at: http://zizcophotography.com/murielle-kesi-traditional-wedd…/

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Murielle & Kesi Wedding



Murielle & Kesi Wedding

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