Gwen Madiba wins Community Builder award

Gwen Madiba

I am honoured and deeply touched to be included in the list of 2020 Community Builders of the United Way East Ontario at City Hall. The ceremony occurred yesterday online. I have not done this work alone; I have been able to work with and for the community with incredible community members who have dedicated their time, resources and efforts to assist those who need it most and so I would like to take a moment to name these incredible people and organizations who have helped: – Otto’s BMW and Otto’s Subaru – GopherIt Delivery- Alyssa BellaBlack Ottawa | CONNECTAnne MoreauEliezer AkeMaximus TulipusMaz KarimjeePaula Whitelocke– Chris Lalonde and the NG Giants – Desire KaboreOttawa Hair Loss Clinic & WellnessLoic Brunel Monogba M’Bodi– Ottawa’s Homeless Period- Sarah OnyangoOdette RwigambaDebbie Miller– The OPS Hoopstars – IKEA – The Catholic Centre for Immigrants.

I am honoured and grateful to be able to continue this work, thanks to a grant that Equal Chance has obtained. Our goal and my personal goal is always to try my very best to assist members of the community and to give back while opening doors for others.

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