Helen Ofosu: Workplace favouritism


Dr. Helen Ofosu

I have one child and this makes it OK for me to call him my favourite son.  However, in many families, schools, and workplaces, it’s just not right to call somebody your favourite when there’s more than one person in a particular role.

Favouritism is sometimes the worst kept secret, one that’s usually discussed quietly through discreet whispers and frustrated sighs. But the prevalence of people being preferred over others has existed long enough for us to have coined terms such as  ‘the golden child’ and ‘the teacher’s pet’ to describe such imbalanced treatment. Often those terms align with being picked by an authority, which is usually an adult while the subordinate, waits to be chosen. Even after we’ve grown up, in some ways we can still be susceptible to feeling like that kid in the classroom, waving an eager hand in front of the teacher only to be ignored for another, more favoured, student?



Favouritism never works in the workplace


About the writer 

 Dr. Helen Ofosu was born and raised in the Toronto area but her roots are in Jamaica and Ghana. She offers Career Coaching and HR Consulting using her background in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (aka Business Psychology) as the foundation for her practice. She founded I/O Advisory Services in 2012 and is accessible by phone, email, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  She can be reached at 613-424-8689 or helen@ioadvisory.com. Web: www.ioadvisory.com.










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