Honours for Ingrid John-Baptiste and Sandie Nault

Saturday 28 August, 2021

Two stalwarts of Ottawa’s Black community Ingrid John-Baptiste and Sandie Nault were honoured by Flo’s Seniors in a virtual celebration, with Renford “Bojangles” Thomas as MC. Ingrid is a renowned community leader and activist.; now retired from her federal public position, she is currently President of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Ottawa. Public health nurse and community advocate Sandie Nault is well known for her philantropy and volunteer work for the well-bring and upliftment of our community. Among those paying tribute to Ingrid and Sandra were Yvonne Harper, Antoinette Smith, Nira Dookeran, Suzanne Richards, Maxine Grant, Donna, Medjine Hypolite, and Cipriani representing the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association. Music was by singer Ms Holly. Black Ottawa Scene was there to capture this pivotal community event. Click below to view the entire event on Youtube as broadcast by BIA Media.




About Sandie Nault

Sandra “Sandie” Nault is a nurse by profession as well as being a well-known and respected community member.  Friends and colleagues say that Sandie leads from the background but has a strong presence within the community.  As a volunteer, Sandie assists with various types of community events; which makes it hard to pinpoint just one.  She is always first to arrive and last to leave, with no complaints about the task that she has been assigned; which can range from First Aid tent to picking up garbage. Sandie uses her experiences to also assists families and individuals in need.  Sandie assists with fundraising activities to raise funds for: individuals, families, friends to beds for the needy in Jamaica. This humble person puts others in front of herself with no wish to be in the limelight.

About John-Baptiste

Ingrid John-Baptiste was born in Trinidad, graduating from the University of the West Indies, with a Bachelor of Arts.

In 1975, Ingrid joined the Government of Canada where she served in various positions for 35 years.

Her volunteering initiatives included: President of Club Tropican; President Little Carib Dancers; President Focus on Black Women; host Caribbean Calendar TV program; Events Coordinator Christ’s Chapel Bible Church; and currently President of Trinidad & Tobago Association of Ottawa. She is also chair of the African, Caribbean and Black Health Coalition which hosts the annual Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Health Seminar.

Ingrid has been the recipient of awards including: Servant of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; Lignum Vitae Lifetime Achievement Award, National Institute of Jamaican Canadians; Community Builder Award Black History Ottawa; Community Builder award United Way; Certificate of Recognition Network of Black Business & Professional Women; Community Leader Trinidad and Tobago Association of Ottawa; and Community Builder Award Global Community Alliance.

In spite of her busy schedule, she and her husband Carl, spend much much of their time with their children and grandchildren.

Ingrid John-Baptiste profile Ingrid John-Baptiste was born in  Trinidad where she graduated from the University of the West Indies, with a Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Government and History. In 1973 after a three- year teaching contract in the Bahamas, Ingrid moved to Ottawa with her family, enrolled at the Ottawa Teachers’ College and graduated with the Ontario Teaching Certificate in 1974.  In 1975, Ingrid joined the Government of Canada where she served in various positions for 35 years. Since her retirement, Ingrid has immersed herself in a variety of volunteer and philantropic endevours. She has held such positions as: President of Club Tropican, an organisation that raises funds and supports people facing financial and social  challenges in the community; President of the Trinidad and Tobago Association; President of the Little Carib Dancers; Chair of the African-Caribbean Health Coalition; and President of, Focus on Black Women; and host of the  TV program, Caribbean Calendar. Over the years Ingrid has received many honours including: Servant of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago, Ottawa; Lignum Vitae Lifetime Achievement Award – The National Institute of Jamaican Canadians; and Community Builder Award  – Black History Ottawa. In spite of keeping such a busy schedule, she has been a mother to three daughters and a son. Together with her husband Carl, much of her time is now taken up with the seven grandchildren who will make up the next generation                                                  

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