Jean Séjour Constant : Tribute to a great father and a role model

Pa Serge Constant

By Jocelyn Constant

Ninety-two years and eight months and yet the family is filled with sorrow and sadness when the most esteemed and irreplaceable father and friend’s journey has ended this past February 3rd, 2016.

Papa Sé qualities transcended family and linked communities mostly in Montreal and his little island of birth, Haiti.  His remarkable character in the way he maintained his personal dignity and command respect and proper behavior at all times from all his children and grand children alike. Papa Sé was a true champion and an extraordinary human being. His demeanor broke down the barriers among educated and non-educated. He fostered unity among his 17 children from different mothers and work hard to remain the head of his family.  You can be married which gave him the satisfaction of a job well done but his presence in your home commands attention and sometimes nervousness. He was a role model because of his perseverance and profound sense of morality. He had a rare ability to stay consequent to his believe which a duty to give back to society.

Papa Sé was born in Haiti-Bizoton from a very prominent family but grow up fast to start his own furniture shop at age 16th and become the most charming hard working young man.  His creativity in carving different design makes him an explicit and passionate wood engineer to the whole town. His sharp dressing attire at the end of each day attracts a line-up of young ladies to him. But that did not distract his plan to be doing well financially before marriage. My mom was always too proud to re-state that say. Papa Sé was a good and fair counselor in conflict resolution and always encouraged family get together for an open dialogue in order to face up to each other’s truth. Its aim was to foster a good family dynamic after the death of my mom.

Papa Sé was also a Patriot with a sense of duty to his homeland Haiti as well as his adopted home Canada. He felt a sense of duty towards both of his countries. He believed to be a good political analyst about the situation in Haiti and never measured his personal opinion about the thousand foreigners’ invaded Haiti for their goods.

His passion and determination to help rescue the dignity of the people of Haiti nourished his willingness to stay mobile in the Canadian society. There are no words to describe his humility as a father, grandfather and great grandfather.

Papa Sé will be remembered by his family for his laborious mind, his great intelligence, his unyielding commitment to be the voice of reason in his environment.

His legacy will be cherished forever.  His sacrifices to educate all of his 17 children will never be forgotten.

Submitted by one of his children Jocelyne Constant

The funeral service for Papa Sé Constant was held at  Sacre Coeur Eglise on Cumberland Avenue on Saturday 13 February 2016, with over two hundred friends and relatives in attendance.

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