Ketcia Peters: Meeghan Markle and the Royal family

Ketcia Peters

The Meghan Markle story – Royal privilege comes at a price

There’s no higher stage other than the Royal family one. It exists nothing even closer. You can be right at center of any news and if you like it, that’s the most exciting thing that can happen. A problem, though, arises; what if you don’t want to meet anyone’s expectation every time? What if you want a slightly more normal life? What if you cannot live within a protocol each and every day of your existence? Well, now we know: You don’t. You can’t.

The story Meghan Markle shared tells us more than what it could come to mind at a first glance. It tells us about differences, more than anything else. It tells us how being an outsider is something that puts one on one’s knees when you must comply with the Royal protocol on the Royal stage.

The thing is that the monarchy has a long-lasting relationship with tabloids: the Crown needs them to remain something worth keeping at this time and age, and the tabloids need the Crown to continue publishing their big, boasted useless titles and articles. And this relationship must be balanced and orderly controlled, so to keep the wheels moving.

When you’re an outsider, this balance, this control, can fall apart. And that’s not good. That’s where differences come in, that is the true meaning behind Markle’s story. She was too different in any possible way; she wasn’t complying with rules and confinement and a restricted, however rich, life. Her story tells us how liberty and freedom are more important than fame and of being a member of the most known family there is, upon the higher stage that exists.

It was not about racism; it was not about nationality. The Royal family did not make and do what it did because of the race of Meghan Markle. And she didn’t escape from the Crown because of her colour. All it was, was about appearances on the Royal stage. Where to be, counts less than to be perceived. A mere façade.

But Meghan Markle decided not to comply anymore, to live a life full, and in peace of mind. That is why she ran away. She wants the freedom to be herself and live without all those nauseating rules the Royal family must obey. She wanted peace of mind from that reality. Racism is not the cause.

The queen even likes her and expressed her sadness at knowing how ill she was. How fragile she became because of rules. Meghan chose to respect herself and to respect those differences she has with the Crown that make her unique. The differences between life, her life, and a protocol. She chose a normal life, where those same differences are nothing but normality itself. She chose life.

And for it’s worth, as a black woman, I’m so proud of her. I’m so proud she decided to live her differences and step down from that Royal stage that wanted to suffocate them. I’m proud she decided to be proudly divorced, woman, black…different from them.

Different from the family who complies. Different from the family who put tabloids and petty rules over happiness. She chose a different way of living for herself and her beautiful family.

Without constant control. Happy!

Ketcia Peters is an entrepreneur and community advocate for economic inclusion and development for Black Canadians and the social justice sector. Her firm, Ketcia Peters Group Inc. (KPG) provides bilingual organizational and human development services to the public and private sector.  This includes analysis and coaching of HR practices, strategic planning, organizational change, equity and inclusivity, and anti-racism. KPG also provides individual and group coaching.  In recent years, KP Group Inc. has shifted to greatly expand its equity, diversity and inclusivity work at the municipal and community level, with a focus on anti-racism and anti-oppression.  This work centers on a trauma-informed approach in order to ensure we do not cause further harm to those most marginalized in our communities. Visit her website at:

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