Letter from the Editor: April 2021

Godwin Ifedi Editor
Photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo.

Good morning all

I hope like me, you are beginning to get the feel of spring, which invariably puts a spring in my step, so to speak. But this spring will be definitely different from last year when we were still lving in morbid fear of the Covid 19 pandemic. Now with the vaccinations in full swing across the country, one can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our April edition features iconic community leader, Fred Sherman as the Top Story, with being named a member of the regulatory council of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. Way to go Fred! We are also please to announce that another well known community leader, Ketcia Peters, will be joining our editorial family, with a regular column under the byline Ketcia’s Corner. Keticia’s first contribution is a piece on the saga of Megan Markle and the British Royal family. We have also recruited a new crop of volunteer contributors: Andre Akugha, Vivian Barrette and Vive Akugha, whose reports appear for the first time in the current edition.

We are also pleased to report on special awards to community leaders and activists: Jean Marie Vianney and Lyse Marie Inamuco, for their extensive record of volunteerism and philanthropy. Our congratulations! Refreshing news from the York School Board which has named one of its schools after renowned journalist Hodan Nalayeh , whose tragic death in the course of her work, shook the foundations of our community.

All these and more in the April 2021 edition of your favorite community news magazine.

Here is the result of the March 2021 poll: Are you concerned about possible side effects of the Covid 19 vaccine? Yes 28 % No 72%. Thank you to all who voted. Do remember to vote in the April 2021 poll: Will you be taking the Covid 19 vaccination when it becomes available?

Also keep the letters to the Editor coming; they help us continue to improve the quality of your favourite news publication.

May you and your loved ones remain blessed.

Godwin Ifedi Editor

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