Letter from the Editor – August 2016

Godwin Ifedi Editor

Godwin Ifedi

Good morning all

It is with a heavy heart that I reflect on the apparently senseless death of Abdirahman Abdi, following an alleged confrontation with the police right here in Ottawa. Against the backdrop of incessant Police vs Black violence in the US, it brings home with brutal clarity the fact that Canadians have race-related problems of our own. No matter how much we beat our collective breasts in claiming to be better than our southern neighbours in our relationships with each other and with law enforcement authorities, the truth is that all is not rosy in the Canadian multicultural and multiracial mosaic. Black Ottawa Scene will continue its vigilance in highlighting these issues as they affect our Black community and the Canadian society at large. For now, we expect, indeed demand, that the on-going investigation by the provincial Special Investigations Unit (SIU), be thorough, impartial and transparent, with the goal of finding out the truth and holding anyone at fault, accountable for their actions.

Closely connected to the above, we bring you a number of news reports and commentaries on the Black Lives Matter movement. Now than ever, Canada’s Black community needs to stand together to challenge the status quo and assert our rights and responsibilities as Canadians. Former editor and publisher of the Spectrum Ewart Walters leads off with an insight into the history of anti-Black violence in the US and reflects on our own problems on the home front. Retired RCMP officer Calvin Lawrence brings his own perspective as an experienced Black front-line police officer.

The August edition brings readers our annual gallery of Black graduates from various educational institutions. Top Story is the uplifting account of Dr. Habibat Garuba, who has just received her licence and certification as a specialist in Internal Medicine. What an uplifting and inspirational story! Habibat is indeed a role model for all our young women and men who want to pursue their dreams. She clearly demonstrates that if you set your  mind to it, the sky is the limit to achieving your goals. Other graduates featured are equally inspirational; they have achieved much and others can learn from their successes.

Here is the result of the July poll:

What is your favourite summer past-time?

Chilling, doing nothing and loving it: 50%                                                                                             Barberquing: 25%                                                                                                                                                       Gardening: 0%                                                                                                                                                         Hitting the beach: 0%                                                                                                                                                None of the above: 25%

Thank you to all who voted.

Don’t forget to vote in the August survey: Do you approve of the tactics used by the Black Lives Matter Movement?

All these and more.


Godwin Ifedi



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