Letter from the Editor: December 2018

Godwin Ifedi
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Good morning all

With Christmas just round the corner, our thoughts go to our loved ones, those dear and near and those in distant lands but family and friends all the same. The holiday season is particularly hard for those who are separated by geography from their loved ones during the festive season. Be that as it may, we all strive to enjoy and make the best of the season. Black Ottawa Scene helps to bring some cheer into the lives of our readers with a healthy dose of news about the Black community both in Ottawa and beyond.

Our Top Story features Fabien Kalala, who was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Ottawa Police Service for coming to the aid of a shooting victim in 2017. A big shout-out to him for this selfless act of bravery and good citizenship.  First time columnist Richard Sharpe brings you his narrative on the Ottawa Carleton District School Board’s approach to tackling racism. Our in-house psychologist and career specialist Dr.Helen Ofosu addresses the benefits of mentorship in the workplace, while Religion columnist Bishop Jacob Afolabi speaks to the meaning of the truth. As we approach the end of the year, Financial expert  Meiz Majdoub reminds us in his column that the 2019 income tax filing deadline should be on our individual radars now.

On the Interview page, we bring you a piece by newly minted School Board Trustee Valerie Assoi who describes her upbringing and her various community-based volunteer involvement. Under Social we bring you a report of yet another very successful AfroGlobal TV Excellence awards in Toronto. Also of great interest to our readers is the recent report by Statistics Canada that hate crimes are increasing alarmingly in this country.

All these and more in the December edition of Black Ottawa Scene.  Here is the result of our November poll: Do you celebrate Halloween?

Yes  50%

No  50%

Thank you to all who voted. Do remember to take part in the December poll: Are people happier in small towns than big cities?  

Also keep the letters to the Editor coming; your feedback helps to keep us on our toes!  Wishing you and your loved ones a wondrous Christmas and happy holidays.

Godwin Ifedi


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