Letter from the Editor: January 2021

Godwin Ifedi Editor
Photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo.

Good morning folks

Now that we have more or less survived annus horribilis 2020, we can look forward to a new year with the hope that, by year’s end, this dreadful scourge called Covid 91 will be brought under control. Needless to say, it has been a tremendously challenging year, with Blacks more severely impacted by the disease than any other demographic group in Canada.

With this renewed hope, we bring you the first edition of 2021 with Top Story, the appointment of iconic community leader, Richard Sharpe, as Anti-racism Director in the Department of Justice. Another significant appointment is that of Denise Siele as Senior Communications Manager, National Gallery of Canada. On another front, Nigerian -born Alberta lawyer Kene Ilochukwu is making waves as the first Black bencher elected to the Law Society of Alberta. Looks like at long last, our people are getting the recognition we deserve!

Professor Nduka Otiono continues his record of academic excellence with his leadership of an international research exchange at Carleton University. His daughter, medical student, Kika Otiono meanwhile has garnered yet another scholarship, this time from the prestigious Canadian Medical Association. There seems no end to the laurels coming to this family of high achievers! Another notable scholarship winner is Alberta resident Marian Tsegaye with a whopping $500, 000 international science scholarship for her university studies.

A significant news item is the legal suit brought by Black civil servants against the Federal Government of Canada. We are going to be following this story closely as it evolves, mindful of the systemic anti-Black racism that has until now been swept under the rug in both the public and sectors of the Canadian mosaic.

The pandemic lick-down means that social events have been severely curtailed and thus limited our ability to cover them. Virtual Christmas and birthday parties cannot be captured in the same manner as before with live pictures. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, with the vaccine being rolled out, we expect to be back in full operation by year end.

Here is the result of the December 2020 poll: Are you confident the Covid 19 vaccine will bring the pandemic under control? Yes 50% No 50% Thank you to all who voted. Do remember to vote in the January 2021 poll: Are you hopeful that your life will be better in 2021 than 2020?

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous new year filled with peace, love, and God’s blessings.

Godwin Ifedi Editor

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