Letter from the Editor: November 2019

Godwin Ifedi Editor Photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo.

Good morning all

Well well well the federal elections have come and gone. And what do we have? The Liberal Party back in power, albeit as a minority government. All said and done, anyone following this most vicious and virulent election campaign would pause to wonder if this landscape is indeed Canada, the country known for its respect and acknowledgement of our differences, whether in politics, religion, culture or whatever! Obviously the Donald Trump factor loomed large, as political leaders went for the jugular, and to hell with ideology and party platform. The leaders’ debate was itself a shambles; Canadians certainly did not deserve the tripe that was served in the name of political debate and discourse. One cannot but conclude that at the end, the least worst party, won, rather than the best party, as one would expect. That said, our dearest wish is that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would have learnt his lessons form his first term in office. As for our Black community, he was indeed our best hope; in his four years in power he has done more for our cause than Conservative Stephen Harper did in his ten years in office. ” Nuf said!

So our Top Story is of course the five Black candidates elected this time, four incumbents and one newcomer in the person of Mathew Green in Hamilton. Our congratulations to them, with our hope that next time round there will more representation from people of colour.

Another story of interest is the swearing in of Peter Sloly as Ottawa’s very first Black Chief of Police. The tragic death of Professor Pius Adesanmi comes to a closure as his remains are brought back for burial in Ottawa. Financial expert Meiz Majdoub brings readers insight on the need for a trusted contact in Managing Your Finances. The Obamas continue their love affair with Canadians as Michelle wows Ottawa during her recent visit. All these and more in the November edition.

Here is the result of the October 2019 poll: Do you consider anti-Black racism in Canada as widespread as in the U.S.A.?

Yes 45% No 55% Thank you to all who voted. Remember to vote in the November 2019 Poll: Are you happy with the results of the October 2019 Federal election?

Do enjoy the month of November with your loved ones.

Godwin Ifedi Editor

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