Letter from the Editor: October 2017

Godwin Ifedi Editor

Godwin Ifedi

Good morning all

Now that the unseasonable heatwave is over, and fall has finally arrived, the people of Ottawa can go back to what we do best, moaning about the weather. But seriously folks, fall is my favourite season, as I love to watch the leaves turn golden brown and one can enjoy the outdoors without frying as in summer, or freezing as in winter. And speaking of summer, the highlight of the season was the grand opening of the Cultural Arts Studio of Afro-Caribbean Dance,  owned and operated by the amazing Suzan Lavertu, our Top Story for October. Our Youth In Action team continues their excellent run  with an article on tokenism by regular columnist, Illili Ahmed. Our Religion columnist Bishop Jacob Afolabi returns with the Good word on the parable of the raven and the dove, while psychologist Helen Ofosu leads off with her piece on bullying. Financial expert Meiz Majoub continues with great advice on choosing your mortgage insurance, while newcomer Shana Seifert takes our female readers on a journey  around managing their hair.

On the Social Scene, we are delighted to share our joy with Ottawa’s own Gwen Madiba, who made history as the first African to get on the podium as runner-up in the Mrs. Universe competition in South Africa. Our  Interview features reflexologist Cheryl Sandiford as she describes her upbringing and her little known profession. Other news include visual artist Kosisochukwu who hosted an extraordinary exhibition of her photos, focussing on her feminist beliefs.

All these and more in the October 2017 edition.

Here is the result of the September 2017 poll:

Did you watch the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing extravaganza?

Yes: 25%

No:   75%

Thank you to all who voted. And don’t forget to vote in the October 2017 poll:

Were you or any of your family or friends affected by the Hurricane Irma?

Also do send us a note to the Editor to let us how we are doing, and of course your suggestions on how to improve our community magazine are always welcome.


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