Letter from the Editor: September, 2019

Godwin Ifedi Editor Photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo.

Good morning all

Hope your summer has gone well and that you have taken time to relax with family and friends. For those of us born and raised in warmer climes, this season brings memories of days gone by, lots of nostalgia, but nothing compares to living in one of the best countries in the world. This place called Canada is one where, with diligence and hard work, you can succeed, regardless of your race, gender or any other demographic descriptor that society labels you with. A great example is Peter Sloly, recently appointed the very first Black Chief of Police for the country’s national capital, Ottawa. It is no wonder then that we have chosen his appointment as our Top Story for September, 2019. Speaking of firsts, the province of Manitoba is poised to elect its first Black member of provincial parliament and we bring you stories of the front-runners in this political race, scheduled for September.

Summer is a season for outdoor and indoor social events and we bring you a small sampling such as the Dapo Agoro Fun Day, JAM Day, SomaliFest and TrinBago Day. One key social event this last August was a gala, hosted by Flo’s Seniors, to honour iconic former Ontario Minister Yasir Naqvi and community leader and volunteer extraordinaire Unita Louis.

On the political scene, we bring you a special reception hosted by Nepean MP Chandra Arya, in honour of Canada’s first African-born Federal cabinet Minister, Ahmed Hussen in August.

Our columnists continue to do us proud with psychologist Dr. Helen Ofosu reflecting on the “workaholic'” syndrome, while sports expert Bob Dawson weighs in on matter of racism in Canada’s national sport, ice hockey.

All these and more in the September edition of Black Ottawa Scene. Here is the result of the August 2019 poll:

Do you feel this summer is hotter than last year?

Yes 20%

No 80%

Thank you to all who who voted. And remember to take part in the September 2019 poll: Will the appointment of Jamaican-born Peter Sloly as Ottawa’s Chief of Police, improve relations between the Police and the community at large?

All the best to our readers and enjoy the rest of the month.

Godwin Ifedi


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