Lyse-Pascale Inamuco: NDP Ottawa Vanier

Lyse-Pascale Inamuco

Lyse-Pascale has been a champion for working people in Ottawa–Vanier. After years of broken promises, she’s ready to get to work for our community. A proud Franco-Ontario, of Burundo-Rwandan heritage, Lyse-Pascale is a strong voice for inclusive and equitable opportunities for working families, so no one is left behind.

The residents of Ottawa-Vanier deserve a Member of Parliament who understands the issues we face. Lyse-Pascale has lived and worked in Ottawa–Vanier for decades, she cares deeply about our community. During the pandemic, she saw Justin Trudeau leave working families behind. While he let billionaires make record profits, workers struggled to pay rent and local businesses closed their doors. Canada’s pandemic recovery needs to work for you. Lyse-Pascale knows it’s time to make sure we’re helping everyday people, not Canada’s 1%. 

It is time to deliver better support in our community with investments in affordable housing that meets family’s needs. Lyse-Pascale is ready to create real change, put an end to homelessness with compassionate support, and help remove barriers for individuals living with disabilities. She recognizes that new-Canadians contribute to the richness and diversity of our community and Lyse-Pascale is standing up to make sure everyone gets the help they need.

An award-winning community leader, and graduate of the Conflict Studies and Human Rights program at the University of Ottawa, she is committed to fighting for a better Ottawa-Vanier. She’ll fight to make sure everyone can access their prescription medication and dental care with their health card – not their credit card. We can make our communities stronger with sustainable jobs and real action to tackle the climate emergency. 

Lyse-Pascale believes that better is possible and she’s ready to stand up for you as your Member of Parliament.

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  1. Dear Lyse-Pascale Inamuco,
    I am a member of CFUW-Ottawa which is one of 96 clubs of the Canadian Federation of University Women across Canada. It is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded women’s organization and our members work to improve the lives of women in Canada and abroad.
    We are voters/ constituents and are are concerned about the plight of women and other vulnerable people in Afghanistan and we are asking for your position/support on the following:

    Question 1: Canada has promised to bring in 20,000 vulnerable Afghan people like families of those who supported Canada’s mission, women leaders and human rights defenders, Hazara/Shias, LGBTQ. Will you support doubling the number to include these vulnerable groups?
     Yes
     No

    Question 2: Will you support a policy that will allow Afghans to come to Canada without applying through a third country, as was done with the interpreters, drivers, etc, who supported Canada’s military and diplomats?

     Yes
     No

    I look forward to your response.


    Kathryn Barber

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