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MacAndrew Clarke

MacAndrew Clarke



by MacAndrew Clarke

Perhaps I could begin, with how I used the pen/

or where these poems been, and why I kept them in/

what Lauryn Hill is doing, to get this poem written/

Forgive Them Father, forgive me Father, I’ve squandered what you’ve given/

while marching to a vision, that rather see me hidden/

figures how they hittin’, figures that were hid in/

a story that was sick then, but now must be forgiven/

because history is sovereign, from the very time it saw when/

His story was written, see, his story is ridden/

of truths that could upend, heaven hell and sin/

children, women, men, and the roles they had them in/

to promote a way to win, while rolling figures in/

so to bring this to an end, your power is within/

it’s not in what you have, and all is consequence/

we can no longer pretend, that the truth must not offend/

the time is now my friends, our time is now my friends…

About the writer

MacAndrew Clarke holds a B.A. (Hons) in Political Science and a minor in Music from Carleton University. He has dedicated himself to community building and advocacy through public, private, and non-profit organizations for many years. He has been contributing to Black Ottawa Scene since January of 2016. He can be reached either via emailTwitter, or Facebook


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