Mothers’ Day tribute: Huldah Solomon

Ode to My Mommy, Huldah Solomon

by Resa Solomon-St. Lewis

Mom and Resa baby

B.Sc. (Nursing), Bachelor of Education, Masters (Education)

Wife (Dr. Andrew Solomon)

Mom:  (Resa, Tracey, Jean-Marc)

Born:  Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.

Resides:  Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)


Je suis.

Tu es.

Il/Elle est….That was you taking French part-time when I was a child – instilling in me the need to strive to be my best.  Fast forward 15 years as I proudly watched you post up 2 Bachelor degrees and 1 Masters degree – you inspire me with your intelligence, adaptability and work ethic every day.



Tea with your Girlfriends… You were a passionate Community Leader, knew more off the beat routes than Google Maps and were a BFF to many.  You showed me the importance of Community, making time for yourself and Sisterhood.

Just Family.

Careers, businesses, community involvement, family, friends – You had a lot going on but I never questioned where your priority lay:  Family First.  You dropped and delayed your dreams for us – thank you for your sacrifice.  You moulded us with lists, chores, and sometimes “licks”.  You cared lovingly for our children.  Your cooking was legendary and we were beyond fortunate to enjoy some of the best food of our lives in our own home. Together with Dad you created a secure foundation that is always our touchstone – thank you for grounding and growing us.

Your memory may fade, but I will never forget you.  Most blissful are those moments when you gaze upon me with recognition, when you chip or groove to your favourite song and delight us with your laughter. 

My darling smart, beautiful Mommy, thank you for showing us the way, sharing your love and blessing us with your life.

I love you now and forever.





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