Myreille Matsika-Lang: African Rhapsody

Myreille Matsika-Lang 

African Rhapsody

by Myreille Matsika-Lang


Though full I am

Hungry I stand

My joys and laughter

Tough loud and clear

Unnoticed by the passersby

Shocked awhile by my sorrows and pleas

Which like the splash of a stone

We see and hear

But soon forget

As it vanishes underwater


Underwater I am

Drowned by my plagues

Fighting to keep afloat

Reaching for that hand

That is pulling me or pushing me?


The caressing hand

Of a one night stand

Enraptured but too fearful to enjoy the ride

On this dark and rhythmic river


Different and beautiful I am

Though not always to the beholder

Endless charm that leaves its mark,

Like a scar


About the writer

Myreille Lang was born in Congo -Brazzaville and grew up in France where she graduated university with a degree in translation. She subsequently moved to the United States where she lived for 20 years before to immigrating to Canada in 2013.  She now works at YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region as an Information and Referral specialist for the Newcomer Information Centre. She enjoys literature, international political and social affairs and likes to dabble in poetry.


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