Nessa Sherwood launches first book: The Intrepid Soul

Nessa Sherwood

Nessa Sherwood

by Annette Ejiofor

Saturday, May 30, 2015 – 5-7:30pm

Nessa Sherwood launched her first book, The Intrepid Soul, on Saturday, May 30th, 2015, at her lovely home in Ottawa, Ontario. The Intrepid Soul is a collection of songs and poems about her many steps and memories, throughout her remarkable lifetime. The evening opened with live performances by Fyre Catz, Daniel Goldstripes, and Horus Hererimana. There was a keyboardist, two drummers, three guitarists, three vocalists, and a marvellous trumpet player. The living room was transformed into a stage with chairs packed with a lively audience. The atmosphere was warm and everyone treated everyone like family. There was a truly beautiful aura about the evening. The evening really took off when Nessa Sherwood herself, joined Larry, the lead singer of the Fyre Catz, in singing her poem (featured in her book The Intrepid Soul), “Undying Love.” Undying Love tells of the bond between a mother and son. Following the performance was a question and answer period where Nessa addressed the crowd.

Audience: Where did you find the strength to put this together?

Nessa: Writing poems allows me to acknowledge what has happened. It allows me to move forward through acknowledgement. Having my family in the book also, when looking through it with the photos and the words, allows me to not feel so alone. [It was not necessarily about strength for Nessa but rather something that she felt needed to be done].

A: One word, or one thing, you feel we need to live a life as you have lived?

N: Bring joy to life. You bring joy to your life by not killing yourself over things you have no control over. Keep positive and keep focused and happy. Always remember the good.

A: Your book is titled, The Intrepid Soul. Why that name?

N: Because I am brave in my own way. I try to focus and get what I want done.

A: When should we expect the next collection? [audience laughs and cheers].

N: [Nessa laughs]. You tell me!

A: How do you narrow experiences into one poem?

N: It comes to me. I can write three poems in one day or not at all. It comes and stays for a little while and then it goes. I have to make sure to write it down.

Me: What colour would you give your poetry?

N: Red and purple. My poetry is bright and some of it might be touching. Red because of the joy of writing it.

The event was one to remember. Although scheduled to end at 7:30pm, with people still dancing, laughing, and singing, it carried on until 12am. With over seventy people in attendance, The Intrepid Soul book launch was a phenomenal success. For your copy of this notable book, visit

Musical interlude at the book launch

Musical interlude at the book launch

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  1. Our life experiences, shapes our lives, yours made you into a beautiful soul and and an extraordinary person, not to mention a talented author. Love you !! 5 stars for Intrepid Soul.

    Hats of the the author of this article also really nice article, I can feel the energy that was present in the room from reading it.

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