New Democratic Party candidates

Nikki Clarke: NDP  Missisauga – Malton  

 Nikki Clarke

  • Nikki Clarke is a media personality and educator who has served as President of the Ontario Black History Society since 2015
  • She is passionate about reducing inequality and improving employment opportunities for Mississauga Malton
  • She has received numerous awards for her teaching and community activism
  • Dedicated to community development, Nikki believes in building a better, fairer Ontario for all



Marjorie Knight:  NDP Cambridge 

Marjorie Knight

  • Marjorie experienced the loss of a good paying job with benefits and had to struggle to make ends meet with minimum wage jobs. She went back to university, graduated, and currently works with the House of Friendship.
  • Marjorie became an advocate and activist for the $15andfairness campaign, fighting for decent wages and working conditions for all Ontario workers.
  • With Andrea Horwath, Marjorie will fight for the services that matter most to Cambridge–area families, including our hospitals, schools, affordable housing and public transportation.
  • Born in Montreal, raised in the West Indies, Marjorie has lived in Cambridge since 2001



Mahamud Amin: NDP Etobicoke North 

Mahamud Amin

  • Mahamud Amin is longtime volunteer in Etobicoke North with the Somali Youth Association of Toronto
  • He is passionate about addressing the high unemployment, overcrowded transit, and high cost of living affecting many Etobicoke North families
  • Working with Andrea Horwath, Mahamud wants to promote more stable, family–supporting jobs in the riding
  • He knows that Etobicoke families need a government who will offer them health care, education, and seniors care they can count on.



Fitzroy Vanderpool : NDP Kitchener South–Hespeler

Fitzroy Vanderpool

  • Fitzroy is a world champion boxer, a mentor for local youth, small business owner and proud father
  • He held multiple national and international boxing titles before starting a local boxing academy in 2003 and retiring in 2014
  • Fitzroy runs a program for children with Big Brothers Big Sisters, speaks to youth about bullying and fire safety and volunteers at countless organizations in the community
  • He was awarded the Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Award and recognized in the Waterloo County Hall of Fame for his work on youth engagement



Felicia Samuel: NDP Scarborough–Rouge Park

Felicia Samuel

  • Felicia is a teacher, Elementary Teachers of Toronto Executive Officer and Trustee for the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
  • She’s a lifelong Scarborough resident and volunteers with Respect Scarborough, One Love Malvern and the Toronto & York Region Labour Council
  • Felicia has received the June Veecock Leadership Award and Elementary Teachers of Toronto Steward Award for her advocacy work
  • She has a passion for languages and has studied Italian, French and Spanish abroad



Laura Mae Lindo: NDP Kitchener Centre

Laura Mae Lindo

  • Laura Mae Lindo is Director of Diversity and Equity at Wilfrid Laurier University and a board member for Focus on Ethnic Women
  • She is a respected activist and educator in the Kitchener–Waterloo community with a PhD and M.Ed in Education
  • Laura Mae is also a singer and recording artist with a passion for music and performance



Faisal Hassan: NDP York South–Weston

Faisal Hassan

  • Faisal is a proud York South–Weston resident and an engaged community advocate
  • He has volunteered on the boards of the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation, Habitat for Humanity and currently serves on the board of directors at the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre
  • Faisal has worked as a staff person alongside members of provincial and federal parliament and has experience delivering results for his community
  • He is a former broadcaster and a published author



Monique Hughes: NDP, Ajax

Image result for Monique Hughes NDP

  • Monique has lived in Durham for the past 26 years and holds a biotechnology diploma at Centennial College.
  • She owns both a travel agency and a cosmetics line business that aims to provide people of color access to specialized products.
  • Monique serves as a volunteer for the Scarborough Blizzards Soccer Club, Kingsway Community Life Center, and the Women’s Health Center in Toronto.
  • Alongside Andrea Horwath, Monique wants to offer a positive voice at Queen’s Park that will work to make life better for the people of Ajax.



Jill Andrew: NDP, Toronto–St. Paul’s


  • Jill is an award-winning writer and advocate, her work is aimed at  equitable and inclusive images, messages, practices and policies supporting body diversity
  • Winner of the Michele Landsberg Media Activism Award and co-founder of Body Confidence Canada (BCC), she is a leading advocate for girls, young women, and in the LGBTQ community.
  • Jill knows that after 15 years in government, the Liberals have let people down.  They privatized Hydro One and sent hydro bills through the roof.  They cut funding to our hospitals, our schools, and seniors care in Toronto St. Paul’s, and across the province. With Andrea Horwath and the NDP, Jill will deliver change for the better.



Dwayne Morgan: NDP, Scarborough North


  • Dwayne is an entrepreneur, social justice advocate, author, educator, and community trailblazer
  • For years he’s used his artistic leadership to help transform Scarborough communities, and help youth find their voice, while bringing awareness to discriminatory barriers to greater social and economic success
  • Dwayne has been inducted in to the Scarborough Walk of Fame for his commitment to the culture and people of Scarborough
  • Dwayne loves the Scarborough North community and understands that people deserve leadership that listens, fights alongside them, and restores their hope in change for the better



Melissa Williams: NDP, Newmarket–Aurora


  • Melissa is a human relations graduate, arbitrator and mediator who’s lived in Newmarket–Aurora for over a decade
  • Her success bringing increased green space to seniors and youth, student job programs and supports for new immigrants are the result of her belief in strong community partnership and grassroots organizing
  • Melissa’s community initatives have been widely recognized by York Region and the Aurora Chamber of Commerce
  • She looks forward to joining Ontario New Democrats to fight for change for the better and ensure the Newmarket–Aurora community has a champion that will fight for better access to healthcare, universal pharmacare and universal dental care



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