Newcomer Theatre show at Dundonald Park

Cast member recounts his immigrant story

Tuesday 12 June

On a hot steamy afternoon, a small crowd was at Dundonald Park  on Somerset Street to watch a live performance of music and poetry by the Newcomer Youth Theatre Group’s Performing Arts Happening.  Hosted by the Youth Program of the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organisation (YOCISO), the event titled: Our Lives – A user Guide, was a platform for talented youthful immigrants from France, Eritrea, Barbados and Syria, as they recounted their lived immigrant experience, struggles, challenges and successes since moving to Canada. Both performers and audience were treated to a delightful BBQ at the end of the show.  In attendance and actively participating  in the afternoon’s events, was the YOCISO Program Manager, Christy Etienne. Cast members were: Tarek, Sean, Kamara, Fars, Peter and Archie, while facilitators included: Dillon, Daniella, Sergio and Cinda.

YOCISO assists immigrant and refugee youth with educational and life skills programs to facilitate their settlement and integration into Canada. For more info on YOCISO, contact: 613-725-5671 Ext. 346.

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