Omer: New Zealand’s first African MP

Former refugee becomes New Zealand’s first African MP

Ibrahim Omer

Labour List MP Ibrahim Omer

Ibrahim Omer was ranked 42 in the party listImage caption: Ibrahim Omer was ranked 42 in the party list

An Eritrean former refugee has become New Zealand’s first African MP following Labour Party’s biggest victory in 50 years.

Ibrahim Omer is now a list MP having ranked 42 in the Labour Party list.

List MPs are elected from a party list rather than from a geographical constituency.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s party won enough seats to allow Mr Ibrahim to be in parliament.

During campaigns Mr Ibrahim said he wanted to “fight for people in the positions he has been in to have better opportunities for a decent life”.

He fled Eritrea in 2003 into a refugee camp in neighbouring Sudan. He was later resettled in New Zealand where he worked as a cleaner at Victoria University.

He studied at the university while working as a cleaning supervisor and got involved in politics while there.

Mr Ibrahim said his win was “for the low paid workers” and “former refugees”.

Source: BBC News

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