Onyango & Maistry: Big love for Pius

Sarah Onyango

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by Sarah Onyango
A larger-than-life, once-in-a-lifetime gem of a human being who has lived a BIG life. That’s you, Pius.
BIG personality…resounding in that unmistakable uniquely pitchy laugh that has spontaneously echoed in every room and hallway you’ve graced; in your sweeping gestures whenever a new idea or particularly brilliant observation would stir your unbridled excitement…
BIG love…for your beautiful wife and children; for dear colleagues and friends; and especially for the continent that has fueled your scholarly pursuits throughout: Africa…
BIG intellect…embodied by the impressive volumes of work you have produced, the countless eloquent lectures and speeches you have given, your erudite contributions to any serious discussion.
BIG impact…reflected in the respect and admiration of numerous current and former students and colleagues, fellow scholars and writers  as well as the thousands who have flocked to your Facebook page and Youtube to drink from your fountain of knowledge and seek inspiration…  
BIG void…that you’ve now left in the lives of family, friends, colleagues and countless admirers as you join legions of eminent Ancestors.
You are missed, Pius…BIG.
Sarah Onyango, friend and collaborator
From Pretoria, South Africa
Farewell Pius
by Anesh Maistry,  former Counsellor at the South African High Commission in Ottawa
My dear brother Pius.
You were a true son of the African soil. You were an intellectual product of your beloved Continent. You were a loving family man. The time spent working with you on projects in Canada whilst I served there and back in Pretoria hold not only fond memories but they gave me a firsthand ear to the mind of a African scholar who was destined for greatness. That day in 2014 when you addressed our diplomatic trainees on Culture and the African identity in Diplomacy at our Ministry was seminal, it was inspiring and it left an indelible mark in my life to your intellectual prowess. I proudly stated that I knew personally an African scholar of note. The work we did, Blair and yourself, in launching the African Dialogue Series at Carleton University, which was the genesis of the broader engagement with the African Diplomatic Corps is still the highlight of South Africa’s academic outreach in Canada.  Your willingness to be an ambassador for all Africa was a tribute to your love for your place of birth. My brother Rest In Peace, soar with the Angels and be embraced in the arms of the father. Goodbye my friend.
Anesh Maistry
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