Petronila Michael: Go Away Covid monster

by Petronila Michael
Petronila Michael

If you’ve had enough of it share your thoughts and feelings with the #GoAwayCOVID19

Here’s what’s on my mind:

Dear COVID-19

It’s Holy Week 2020. And nothing looks familiar.
Empty churches, quiet streets!

Lonely homes, scared people.

You’ve ruined all the fun!

You ruined our weddings, sleepovers, playdates and Birthday parties. And this weekend you messed up all our Easter plans. Go away ruiner! Go away already!

You’ve exhausted our world leaders, Overwhelmed our healthcare and frontline workers, rapidly killing so many innocent people. Escalating unemployment rates, domestic violence and many more disasters! Are you wiping out the world or what? Go Away murderer! Go away already!

Covid, You have stolen all our social lives.
We miss being with people!
We miss the hugs, the laughters, the high fives! We miss everything HUMAN CONNECTION

Since when was social isolation a healthy guideline? People hoarding toilet paper and everyone getting bold haircuts. Till when will we stay like this?

You COVID Monster! GO AWAY already!


Tanzanian-born Petronilla Michael is an Ottawa-based community leader and activist.

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