Rev. Egbue celebrates 25 years of priesthood

Rev. Fr. Titus Egbue with a plaque presented to him at the celebration Photo credit : Emma Ukwu

by Emma Ukwu
24 September, 2018
The atmosphere was ripe for the anniversary celebration of Fr. Titus;… his  25th priestly ordination.  This took place yesterday at his parish, St. Leonard’s Manotick.
The size of the congregation manifested the love and respect the parishioners have for him.  The out pouring of love, respect and speeches confirmed that this priest has a very high rating, not only among his people but also internationally.  He got certificates of recognition from the prime minister, Trudeau and even from Pope Francis at the vatican.  It was very touching what the pope wrote about him.  Charity begins at home…he also received very well crafted certificate from the Ottawa catholic arch bishop, Prendergast.  The elderly man who carried the gift from the knights of Columbus almost gave up under the weight of their gift.  He also had gifts from the holy land.  Our own Fr. Emeka Onyeogubalu spoke on Fr Titus’s entire life right from the seminary and to the parishes here in Ottawa where he had officiated as parish priest.  The peak of it all is the LIVE interview by a media celebrity from “CNN”.  I videoed this recording live and will release it in due course.  But just be aware that this was recorded without lighting in the hall so as to emphasise the little lighting from the screen slide show coming from the projector.  For me through all the narrative about this man, Fr. Titus, I have learnt a very important lesson:  REMAIN CALM AND UNRUFFLED IN THE MOST DIFFICULT SITUATIONS; LISTEN TO THE QUIET VOICE OF GOD AND YOU WILL EXCEL.  What a day!!!!
Happy Celebration, Fr. Titus.
All photos copyright: Emma Ukwu
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