September 2015: Letter from the Editor

Godwin Ifedi Editor

Godwin Ifedi

Good morning all

Can’t believe it’s September already, so where the summer go?! But here we are with another batch of exciting news and features for you our dear readers. Our Top Story tells the fascinating story of Rosimay Venancio who had arrived in Canada as a refugee from war-ravaged Angola and has now been awarded the Queen’s medal for youth leadership. An inspiring story if ever there was one! Black Ottawa Scene congratulates Felicite Murangira whose 60th birthday celebration is featured in this edition.  Another birthday worth of note is that of Canadian jazz legend Oscar Peterson whose 90th birthday is celebrated posthumously by his wife amidst his many fans and admirers.

Readers should be intrigued by our guest column, Cecil the Lion revisited, which brings into focus the actual perspective of people of Zimbabwe, in contrast to the rather bewildering reaction of those  who have no knowledge of Africa and choose to comment on an issue outside their domain from the comfort of their living rooms in the USA and elsewhere in the more economically and technologically advance countries. From the social scene, we also bring you, JAM Day, TrinBago and CARICOM anniversary celebrations. Dapo Fun Day reminds us of Dapo Agoro, whose tragic death has been turned around by his family and friends to promote peaceful resolution of conflict among young people. Our special report highlights a troubling statistic about black women who are shown to be at an increasing risk of diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and obesity; the Statistics Canada report is a must-read for every person who takes their health seriously. Our Diaspora Report features Somali-born athletic icon, Mo Farah, who continues to dazzle the the world of track and field with his amazing record of “triple double” victories in the 5,000 and 10,000 meter races at the World Athletic Championships in China.

Finally don’t forget to take part in our survey about elections; your feedback helps to keep politicians and students of politics on their toes. All these and more in the September edition of your favorite on-line news magazine.


Godwin Ifedi



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