Somali Women celebrate International Women’s Day

Somali Women Circle Network celebrate International Women’s Day

by Ifrah Hassan

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us this past Saturday for our FIRST women-only dinner in celebration of the International Women’s Day hosted by the Somali Women Circle Network!

It was incredibly moving to bring together #SomaliWomen from all fields, discipline, and profession to celebrate our achievements, discuss important issues, as well as discuss about ways to #PressForProgress on gender equity. Did you know that the World Economic Forum estimated that it will take another 200+ years until we achieve gender parity? This means that there has never been a more crucial time for women to organize and band together. But it also means that more than ever there is a strong global momentum towards striving for gender parity. And we, at SWCN, are so, so, so proud to know that Somali women and girls are at the forefront of this global fight! Together, we will WIN insh Allah!✊🏾

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