Vive Akugha: Savage beauty

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Movie review: Savage beauty

by Vive Akugha

This Netflix original series follows a unique approach to a problem in the African and African American community-bleaching. This show takes an interestingly dramatic approach as we are plunged into the lives of the Bhengu’s and their empire. After learning of a possible history between Zinhle (Rosemary Zimu), the new face of Bhengu Beauty, and the Bhengu family, curiosity is heightened as no direct answer is revealed yet. Her thirst for vengeance is fueled as she is determined to take them down with some assistance. We get to learn of the illegal activities the Bhengu’s undertake to provide financial backing for their empire. With this and an earlier scandal at the beginning of the show, viewers are treated to a possible colorist past and present, as some believe a different person should be more deserving of the face of Bhengu beauty title.  As the show goes on, we learn the physical and mental scars that arise from bleaching. The Bhengu’s preference by some seemed not to be of ignorance, but seemingly from hatred as an accepted standard, despite themselves not using the products for similar results. The show has one season of six episodes and is a gripping performance keeping you engaged the whole time.


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Vive Akugha

Vive Akugha is a student in the Bachelor of Arts degree program at the University of Ottawa, majoring in Communications. She writes on social issues, well-being, and out of curiosity. Her major platform for writing is on as @veevehhswritings. As a follower on there, you can sign up for her email list to be up-to-date on her posts. She is @Veevehhwrites on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to share your opinions with her as she is with you.

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