Africa’s week in pictures: 2-8 April 2021

A selection of the week’s best photos from across the continent and beyond:

A man, woman and twin boys dressed in bathing suits walk along a beach.
A young family stroll down the beach in Saly, Senegal, on Saturday.
Ballet dancers of the Joburg Ballet rehearse at the Joburg Theate.
On Thursday, dancers take to their final rehearsal for the Ballet and Beyond series at South Africa’s Joburg Theater.
A member of The Golden Apostolic Faith Healing Mission Church lights candles during a religious ceremony to celebrate Good Friday.
Also in South Africa, candles are lit during Good Friday prayers in the neighbourhood of Soweto.
Catholic devotees attend Easter mass at La paroisse Saint Aloys d'Ijenda in Ijenda, Burundi.
Two days later, worshippers pack out Easter Sunday mass at La Paroisse Saint Aloys d’Ijenda in Burundi.
Members of the Celestial Church of Christ attend the Easter Sunday service at the International headquarters of the Church in Ketu district, Lagos.
On the same day in Lagos, Nigeria, the congregation belts out hymns at the Celestial Church of Christ.
An altar boy carries a cross at the start of Easter Mass in Fadiouth, Senegal.
While in Senegal, Catholic devotees walk in procession past a watchful horse.
A priest gives sacramental bread to his congregation.
Believers queue to take communion wafers at the Saint-Augustin church in La Goulette in Tunis, Tunisia.
People in matching marching band uniforms sing and celebrate at Congo's International Kimbanguist Church.
Lively celebrations rock DR Congo’s International Kimbanguist Church, a Christian denomination founded 100 years ago, during its anniversary ceremony attended by President Félix Tshisekedi.
A man walks past a mural depicting a woman's face.
A man walks past a mural in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, on Wednesday.
A woman inspects a bale of tobacco.
On Wednesday a farmer looks at her bales, as tobacco-selling season begins in Zimbabwe.
A man dressed in costume takes a selfie.
A performer dressed in ancient Egyptian costume takes a selfie as 22 royal mummies are moved from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation on Saturday.
A detained protester gestures as security forces disperse a demonstration.
And on Tuesday a detained teacher makes a victory sign for the camera at a protest demanding better pay and working conditions in Morocco’s capital, Rabat.

Source: BBC News