Annette Ejiofor
Annette Ejiofor


words on the movement of my life
by Annette Ejiofor, Associate Editorblack lives matter is the movement for my life.though i walk,

bruised, brutalized, an attempt to be blind,

i stumble by the white woman in the aisle,

i smash her privilege on the ground to the side,

i am nothing. i am unseen.

they hear me scream but when they turn they still do not see.

i am nothing for i am unseen.

i turn on the television,

i pay per view to see the pure thing.

the blonde hair being interrupted by the locs of the bad thing.

a juxtaposition of what can and should be.

the smiles of diversity but i cringe at my black teen,

i wonder how many niggers he was called before they found the right, thing.

a juxtaposetion of what can and should be.

white women rally for equal for equal work.

a sure shot trend around feminism and womens rights.

hillary clinton even chimed in from her helicopter.

though she flew so high, we could barely hear her muster.

fight with us for equal pay patricia arquette screamed.

jennifer lopez applauded so loud her next tweet, was overshadowed,

deleted, by the obscene.

deleted by the obscene.all lives matter was her sure had once said nigga but let us hit wins is the reflex, forgetting the black lives who lost before recess.

before the celebrations and the parades could exist,

gay marriage is legal but all you negroes are dismissed.

let us hit refresh.

though i walk,

bruised, brutalized, an attempt to be blind,

i stumble yet again by the white woman in the aisle.

i take her privilege and cast it to the wind,

my time for self care,

is about to begin.

*A contribution to the ‘When Will I Be Free?’ Collection*