01 Oct 2023

Category: Poetry

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Obi Maduakor: How can I forget? 

How can I forget? by Obi Maduakor How can I forget the Lord’s mighty hand,      How can I forget His right Hand of power            Laid gently on me from the…


Maduakor: That Breathless Take-Off Moment 

That Breathless Take-Off Moment by Obi Maduakor There was some joviality, some casual social exchanges as travelers shuffled their way casually into the crowded craft, heading with some inner vacuity…

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Obi Maduakor: The vacant look 

The Vacant Look I saw an elderly sick man with a vacant look, Seated at the hospital balcony, Recuperating from weeks of hospitalization, Gazing into the unknown, And waiting for…

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Billa Hissein: Exhale 

Exhale by Billa Hissein Oh to be in Peru with you.Mountains anchored and still in front of us,The sun on our cheeksAs we sat on a park bench reading and…