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Kenya celebrates Independence Anniversary, December 12, 2023

By Joy Osiagwu

November 16, 2023

Kenya is an East African country on the equator and east coast with fascinating Rift Valley and mountain highlands. The nation is famous for its vast wildlife and scenic landscapes. It is known as the world’s best safari destination, considering the number of national parks and reserves (50) in the country. ` 

Masai Mara National Reserve Photo credit: Kenya Safari Guide

 Masai Mara, the sustainable safari spot, is a tourist haven, given the beautiful array of wildlife like Zebras, Elephants, Rhinos, and lions.  The country’s coastline on the Indian Ocean made it a historically vital port for transporting goods for Arabian and Asian business tycoons to the African continent for centuries. The former British Colony attained independence from Britain on December 12, 1963. The people adopted a new constitution in a national referendum in August 2010 to strengthen checks and balances on the executive authority. 

Kenya Samburu (L) and Traditional dress (R) Photo credit: Erico Hiller

 With a population of 55 million and a climate that varies from tropical along the coast to arid in the interior, its vast natural resources include but are not limited to wildlife, hydropower, diatomite, gypsum, zinc, gemstones, salt, and limestone. Nairobi is the country’s capital, and the major languages spoken are Swahili and English.

Governance Structure

Kenya operates a Presidential Republic system of governance with an executive branch featuring the chief of state as the President and head of government. There is a judicial and legislative arm to complement the work of the head of government. Williams Ruto assumed duty on 13 September 2022 as the President of the country.

President of Kenya, William Ruto Photo credit: Billy Mutai

Trending News

Caritas Nairobi, the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi relief and development agency, commissioned a milk processing factory in Kiambu on November 15 to boost the region’s dairy sector. Nation Africa Kenya news reports that the SH150 million plant situated in Limuru is expected to cater to over five thousand smallholder dairy farmers. 

“As a church, we must feed people not only spiritually but also economically,” said the Archbishop, Philip Anyolo, at the official launch and unveiling of the dairy factory. 

Archbishop Philip Anyolo, along with community members, inspects the Caritas Nairobi Dairy Factory. Photo credit: nation. africa

Archbishop Anyolo added that the church is committed to delivering on its corporate social responsibility by strengthening its agriculture and livestock sectors to ensure food security.

Kenya Ottawa Connection

The Kenyan Community in Ottawa-Gatineau has members across the capital region and Gatineau working together with the African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO) and other African Caribbean and Black Organizations to strengthen and grow the community in the capital region. One of the prominent community members from Kenya who has made impactful contributions to Ottawa is Sarah Onyango, a broadcast journalist, and a translator of repute.

 A co-founder of the Black Ottawa 411 website, an online community information resource, and board member of Black History Ottawa and Black Ottawa Scene, she has received several awards over the years for her remarkable volunteer work and leadership in the community.

Sarah Onyango Photo credit: Volunteer Ottawa

The latest is “The 2023 VOscar Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Click the link to read about the award and other stories about Sarah Onyango covered by the Black Ottawa Scene over the years.

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