23 Jul 2024

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Racism major factor in Covid pandemic 

Systemic racism, barriers explain higher rates of COVID-19 among immigrant, non-white communities in Ottawa: Experts by Taylor Blewett Jun 29, 2020 Exposure to COVID-19 is a non-negotiable fact of life…

Covid 19

Andy Kusi-Appiah: After Covid 19 

“After COVID-19 what next: Imagining the marginalized from the perspective of the ‘other.” by Andy Kusi-Appiah, QE scholar, 2019/2020 “We face real and hard choices between investing in humans and…

Covid 19

Faith Eluwa gives away free masks 

May 24, 2020 Nigerian-born Faith Uchechi-Eluwa gives away Ankara masks to help prevent spread Of COVID-19 Her name is Faith Uchechi-Eluwa and she is a young woman with a mission;…

Covid 19

Easter Sunday in pictures 

12 April 2020 Christians around the world have been celebrating Easter Sunday, despite many being confined to their homes because of the global coronavirus pandemic. In an unprecedented virtual message…

Mental health tips 

 COVID-19 The best mental health tips for staying sane in isolation By Rachel Mishael29th April 2020 Staying at home amid a pandemic brings both familiar and new mental health challenges….

Covid 19

Faith communities and Covid 19 

How Canadian Faith Communities Are Responding To The Coronavirus Pandemic  April 11, 2020 By Andrea ParasGuest Contributor Faith communities play an important role in people’s daily lives. According to the Pew Research…