Billa Hissein

Exhale by Billa Hissein

Oh to be in Peru with you.
Mountains anchored and still in front of us,
The sun on our cheeks
As we sat on a park bench reading and people watching.
I don’t want to forget our adventures that now color parts of the globe.
I don’t want to forget the way I felt truly seen and understood by you.
Thank you by the way
you surprised me every single time.
The moments I was hiding,
You saw right through me.
We were anchored in companionship,
An intimate witnessing of each other
A mutual pouring of each other.
These are only a few memories I do not wish to forget.
They are priceless and will continue to color my life forever.
Never wanting to forget does not mean we ignore when it’s time to let go.
Acknowledging the finish line is one of the biggest acts of self-love.
I will never forget you,
But I am finally ready to let you go…
Thank you for all you’ve given me.
Your love, your friendship have bloomed within me and
Today, I finally breathe you out.

My name is Billa Hissein Habré. I am a 25-year-old student at the University of Ottawa, studying Criminology and Gender studies. I deeply enjoy expressing myself through theater, painting, 0writing, and sports. I aspire to be an advocate for the African, Caribbean, and Black communities. As well as a practical and sincere ally to the Indigenous community. Furthermore, I strive to devote myself to the true emancipation and liberation of our people.