Panel members: Axandre Lemours, Rose-Ingrid Benjamin, and Patrick McCormack with moderator Rachel Sendi-Mukasa

A Night of Cultural Brilliance: Ottawa Black Creatives Hub Performing Arts Showcase

by Obasola Bamigbola, Editorial Associate

Ottawa, February 20, 2024 – The Algonquin Commons Theatre inside Algonquin College’s student commons transformed into a vibrant haven of artistic expression as the Ottawa Black Creatives Hub hosted an awe-inspiring Performing Arts Showcase. Featuring a diverse lineup of talented artists, insightful panel discussions, and thought-provoking short films, the event encapsulated the richness of the local black creative community.

The evening commenced with a compelling panel session moderated by Rachel Sendi-Mukasa, delving into crucial topics such as mentorship and intellectual property in the context of black creatives. The panellists, including Axandre Lemours from The Ottawa Arts Council, Rose-Ingrid Benjamin from the National Arts Centre, and Patrick McCormack from the Canadian Council for the Arts, provided invaluable insights. The discussions resonated with the audience, emphasizing the pivotal role of mentorship in nurturing emerging talents and shedding light on the complexities of intellectual property within the creative industry.

As the panel session concluded, the main stage came alive with a stunning array of performances, each act uniquely contributing to the showcase’s vibrant tapestry. Grey Bisson, N’nerjie, Sommer Knight, Malaïka Urbani, and others delivered soul-stirring performances, showcasing the diversity of talent within Ottawa’s black creative community.

The Carleton Afro Dance Crew (CADC) brought an explosion of energy to the stage with their dynamic and synchronized dance moves, captivating the audience and infusing the night with an infectious rhythm. Jacqui Du Toit and Fitch JeanKiera Meeks added a visual feast to the showcase with their captivating performances.

A highlight of the evening was the screening of two short films, “Surprise” and “Jayla”, which provided a cinematic dimension to the showcase. The films, rich in visual aesthetics, further underscored the multifaceted talents within the Ottawa black creative community.

The event also featured a documentary capturing the behind-the-scenes journey of planning the Ottawa Black Creatives Hub Performing Arts Showcase. This insightful glimpse into the dedication and collaborative effort involved in bringing such a showcase to fruition added a layer of appreciation for the organizers and contributors.

The Ottawa Black Creatives Hub Performing Arts Showcase was a testament to the thriving creativity within the national capital’s black artistic community. By blending performance, discussion, and visual storytelling, the event not only entertained but also sparked essential conversations about mentorship, intellectual property, and the multifaceted nature of black creativity. This showcase was more than a night of performances; it was a celebration of culture, resilience, and the power of artistic expression.

Obasola Bamigbola

Obasola Bamigbola relocated from Nigeria to Canada in 2023 and now calls Ottawa home.