Carol Charles

by Noella Charles

30 April, 2021

My name is Noella Charles and I am happy to present this tribute of thanks and love about our mother. My mother is Carol Charles, born in the Island of St. Lucia. She moved to Canada in the 70’s  along with her husband and eleven children. Her 2 older children were already residing in Canada with their Gran. Here she was in a new country with 9 girls and 4 boys; and had to take on dealing with a brand new country/culture and coping with many new things. Some how she made a way; we are all alive and well and very thankful for the greatest human we have ever met and we call her Mother. This Mothers’ Day we say many thanks to the amazing human who kept us safe and loved in everything she did. She always put her family first. On April 20th was her 87th birthday and I asked her what is something she really wants for her birthday; she said her life was all about family she has everything she ever wanted over 2O grandchildren, many great grandchildren. She brought us up with faith to be great productive citizens of this country. Thank you Mother for giving us your best, that today we keep on doing our best. 
With thanks