Sarah Onyango at the ceremony

Sarah Onyango honoured by Femmes remarquables Ottawa Distinguished Women

Wednesday 27 March 2024

by Sarah Onyango

Sarah receives her award from MP Anita Vandenbeld

So this just happened!! So grateful and humbled to have been recognized tonight at the Femmes remarquables Ottawa Distinguished Women celebration at Maison de la Francophonie in the presence of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Ottawa’s mayor, some two dozen diplomats and a hall full of eminent community pillars! Many thanks to my nominator Gipsy for deeming me worthy of this recognition. I’d also like to extend heartfelt congratulations and express my profound admiration to my fellow honourees! Fundraising for health research and social housing for vulnerable communities, advocating for and protecting the rights and well-being of Indigenous communities, fighting for green spaces and the environment…so many contributions!! I was in absolute awe and will definitely go online to read all the impressive bios! What an inspiring night! Merci!

Pillars award and ring

Source: Facebook