Councillor Rawlson King

A Message from Councillor King

This week, I attended an affordable housing announcement held by the Government of Canada and Canada Lands Company in Wateridge Village.

As part of a larger plan to use public lands to create more homes, federal property in Wateridge Village will be leased to non-profit housing providers to facilitate the construction of 500 new homes. Two plots of land that are serviced will be made available for development in the near future. These new homes will be in addition to the current 307 affordable units in Wateridge Village whose construction was supported by the federal, provincial, and municipal governments.

This action is in response to the recent initiatives announced by the federal government to address the housing crisis as part of its 2024 budget. 

As we look to build more affordable homes for the residents of Ottawa, one of the most critical pieces we need is land. The announcement made this week will be crucial as we continue to innovate to meet the housing needs of our city. My office will remain focused on working with partners, the non-profit housing sector, and all levels of government to build more affordable homes.

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