Cumberland municipal By-election Monday 5 October 2020

Meet candidate Lyse-Pascale Inamuco

Lyse-Pascale Inamuco

Lyse-Pascale Inamuco is a courageous and perseverant franco-Ontarian of Burundian origin. Cumberland is her home.

A dynamic community member, Lyse-Pascale is the Director of Community Service at the Rotary Club of Orléans, co-Chair of Women’s March Ottawa, and Director with 613-819 Black Hub Noir. She is also engaged with the Ottawa Board of Trade, Healthy Transportation Coalition, Horizon Ottawa, Le Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans (MIFO), and Association du patrimoine familial francophone de l’Ontario (APFFO).

Lyse-Pascale is ready to work for all residents as she does every day in all her community engagement activities. She is confident that she is the strong voice Ward 19 Cumberland needs during these challenging times. Her advocacy work, community, and political work (the latter as a special assistant for former Minister and MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers) have provided her with the experience needed to collaborate with all three levels of government, which is why she is the candidate best positioned to represent all Cumberland Ward residents at Ottawa City Hall. 

Her actions speak louder than words: She takes initiatives and knows how to build partnerships and intercultural bridges, defend community interests and get results. She loves serving her community and getting things done. Lyse-Pascale has been engaging with residents since November 2019 and she knows what the most important issues are for them. She has built her entire platform based on what residents in the ward and city are saying.

Lyse-Pascale has a vision for a ward that is stronger, more inclusive, and more vibrant.

Ward issues

Economic recovery and development

– Continue working with the federal and provincial governments for financial assistance, because without it, critical services and projects will have to be cut.

– Create a business improvement area (BIA) in Cumberland and a sister organization for businesses in rural areas.

– Work with local businesses and the business improvement areas (BIAs) to ensure our local small businesses have the necessary resources to return to pre Covid-19 levels of operation while maintaining a safe environment for employees and customers.

Investing in transit

– Ensure that the issues with LRT Phase 1 are fixed and remedied appropriately so we can have the LRT we were promised.

– Ending the Rideau Transit Group (RTG) contract to ensure LRT Phase 2 is more reliable and efficient than Phase 1.

– Independent and regular oversight of LRT phase 2.

– Advocating for enhanced bus service in the ward, including higher frequency as well as better rural access, to ensure OC Transpo bus services are equitable, accessible, and safe for residents.

Amalgamation of Hydro One into Hydro Ottawa

– Present a motion for a second round of negotiations with the province for the amalgamation of Hydro One into Hydro Ottawa. 

Road safety 

– Install traffic calming measures on most needed residential streets.

– Advocate for high quality cycling infrastructure design.

– Monitor and repair potholes in the rural and suburban areas.

– Ensure clearing of snow on roads as well as sidewalks for the safety of our seniors and people with mobility issues.

Affordable housing

– Prioritize inclusionary zoning regulations, which would require major housing developments to have at least 20% affordable housing.

– Have tours with developers and brokers in the community to build partnerships, and hold real estate information sessions. 

City issues  


– City could provide more funding opportunities for local francophone organizations.

– City Hall meetings are held 80%-90% in English and should therefore be translated to the Francophone public to include them in the discussion. Extra headphones for the public in attendance should be made available for those who require one: Anglophone and Francophone. 

Climate Change/Green initiatives

– Encourage businesses to recycle by working both with businesses and the province to make it easier to recycle, and reduce the amount of trash in our landfills.

– Promote recycling and composting more.  Nearly 75% of all waste in the city could be either recycled or composted with the green bin program.

– Hold public consultations and information sessions to inform the public on the initiatives the City is taking to reduce emissions.

– A functioning and world class LRT is a necessity for a greener city.

Equity and Inclusion in all forms

– Support our seniors in long term care residences by making sure those who care for them are supported with a 40h/week full time job in one residence rather than part-time jobs in multiple residences. This is important for our nursing and personal support workers because it gives them job security and a healthy mental health. Our seniors will therefore be better taken care of by motivated and less overrun staff.  

– Encourage efforts to hire more members of the Indigenous, Black and other visible minority in management and all positions, including maintenance, at the Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) and The Social Housing Registry of Ottawa because the lack of a representative housing provider has resulted in increased victimization and vulnerability of Indigenous, Black and other visible minority in Ottawa.



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