Dr. Galal Ali

375_45388753012_2097_nDr. Galal Ali is a Sudanese-born Canadian, who is currently working with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada as a Senior Project Manager.  Galal maintains 2 domains of expertise; Water Infrastructure Engineering with specialization in Dams and Irrigation, and IT/IM Management. Galal obtained his PhD from MCEA in 1992 and worked in various countries such as Sudan, Uganda, Tajikistan, Russia, the US, Canada and Afghanistan

Galal deployed from 2009 to 2012 as a Senior Technical Advisor to Kandahar Province Reconstruction Team (KPRT) in Afghanistan with primary focus on water resource management and agricultural development to advance Canadian signature projects in Afghanistan.

During his 3 years posting in Afghanistan, Galal demonstrated outstanding dedication in his tireless efforts to deliver sustainable development in Kandahar Province, and among his colleagues, he was greatly valued for his exceptional wide-range of civil engineering knowledge and ability to share information and create solutions.

At great personal risk, Galal was always in the front lines with Canadian and US soldiers investigating problems, providing solutions and monitoring the progress of development, in all that he does, he sets an example of leadership, ethics, courage, and dedication.

Galal addressed multiple conferences and forums in Water Scarcity and Food Security in Afghanistan and Canada.

For his direct support to the NATO mission in Afghanistan and for brining credit to Canada, Galal received four of top GOC decoration medals: The Canadian General Service Medal, the Canadian Operational Medal, and Canadian Forces Medallion for Distinguished Service, and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

To view the full story of Galal’s achievements in Afghanistan, please click here or visit SCAO website



  1. Mr. Dr. Galal Ali. Accept my best and friendly wishes and regards. I am mohammad hassan Munawar from Kandahar Afghanistan. Camp Nathan Smith KPRT. Head translation office. Try to remember me. Please mohammad hussain or my email. Thanks.

  2. Hi Galal,
    As usual wherever you are you set up a very high bars, and you act out of high level of integrity and values.
    Proud of you,

  3. Dear Galal, it always inspiring to read about you and your usual success from time to time. Canada is definitely lucky to you and take advantage of your resourceful knowledge and skills. Looking forward to the next article about your commitment to serve humanity and vulnerable people that been the Centre of your activities since your early childhood as l know

  4. Salam brother Galal,
    Always self-sacrificing individual; no matter what you do for good causes. You have been a source of inspiration for our childhood, teens years and those lovely days at university and student unions.
    So bad Sudan couldn’t keep professionals like you and your generation because you guys like a timed-bombs in the life of those, who don’t respect democracy and human rights.
    Canada definitely know how recruit people like yourself and other wonderful people Sudan lost, but Canadian deserves your efforts, commitment, and well know dedication in everything you do.
    Hope our paths cross again in out beloved Sudan to put with others the knowledge and experience you obtained in use to restore Sudan and put it back as lead country in Africa and Arabic countries

  5. Dear Dr. Galal
    whatever you touch you turn into gold. Hope your next stop will be your homeland Sudan. We miss you and your contribution as lead engineer, conscious citizen, Leader and visionary.
    your work is still standing tall telling about your professionalism, ethics and values. God bless

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