Eugene Omboli

As we celebrate Father’s Day today, I want to honor my father Eugene Omboli for being that great father that has always been there for me and provided a nurturing environment, where I have been able to reach my full potential.

Dad, like your father, you have been greatly involved in your children’s well-being and success. I knew I could come to you for anything and that you would never miss an important date or events dear to me like birthdays and graduations.  I am grateful for the values you have instilled in me like integrity, accountability, hard work and kindness that contributed to forging my character.

I admire your constant quest for new knowledge, your remarkable ideas during debates and your eloquence! Your leadership in many organizations and your involvement in the community inspire me to make a difference.

Dad, you’re a man with remarkable qualities. Your good mood is transmissible and suggests that you were certainly born with a smile on your face and a laugh in your mouth!

This year, I just wanted to pay a tribute to you while you are still alive and tell you what I think is most important: that I love you. I’m proud of having a father like you! You are appreciated!

Melody Omboli